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How a Team Building Challenge Can Help Your Team Overcome Common Obstacles

Whether you run an office or work remotely, every team faces challenges. Whether it’s personality clashes or lack of trust, there are steps you can take to overcome these road bumps.

The best way to overcome these issues is to identify them early and have tough conversations with team members. These can lead to clear goals and objectives that will help everyone to move forward together.


Team building challenge can be an effective tool for getting your team out of their comfort zones and working towards a common goal. Whether they involve outdoor activities or just a few hours in the office, team building games help teams to overcome obstacles and build trust.

Some challenges can be internal while others are more external, such as the need to perform effectively under pressure or work through differences of opinion. These are some of the most common problems a team might face and team building activities can help members to deal with them in an efficient manner, so that they do not disrupt productivity.

A common challenge in many team environments is the lack of communication and trust. These issues are more likely to develop if a team has never worked together before. The best way to get your team on the same page is through conversation and shared experiences.

Another great icebreaker activity is to ask your team members to write down two truths and one lie about themselves, then choose someone to guess which statement is a lie. This is a fun way for new teammates to learn about each other and helps established teams reconnect with vital social skills.

This game also requires increased collaboration and trust since the muted person is relying on their partner’s guidance to make the right moves. This is a great exercise for teams with diverse members, as well as those who work remotely.


If your team doesn’t have a clear goal or direction, it can be hard to achieve success. To help your team brainstorm goals, try holding a group brainstorming session. This can be as simple as an idea board or a discussion session where you have team members discuss their ideas for upcoming projects or campaigns.

One of the most important skills a team needs to work together is decision-making. A team building challenge that challenges your teams to make decisions quickly is a good way to learn how to effectively work together.

For example, you can play a game where each person has to come up with an alternative use for an everyday object. You can use things like a basketball, plastic bag or even a hula hoop.

Another great idea is to string twine between vertical poles, forming a spider web. As the teams cross the web, they have to find their way through a series of small holes and larger gaps. This can get more difficult as the teams progress and requires everyone to communicate to ensure that they are all working together as a team.

When it comes to teamwork, honesty, openness and trust are essential ingredients. Without these qualities, a team can become frazzled and disconnected. By bringing all members of your team together and encouraging them to meaningfully reflect on their trust levels, you can create a shared understanding of what trust means for each member of your team.

The more you can encourage your team to practice this skill, the better they will be at solving problems as a team and communicating with each other. This is especially important in business situations where different departments may need to work together on a problem before coming together in the end for a successful solution.


Team building activities are a great way to foster team collaboration and help teams overcome common obstacles. They can also help managers strengthen their leadership skills and build trust within their team.

Getting to know each other is one of the most important parts of any team building activity. Whether it’s a new group of employees or an existing one, it’s always important to make sure everyone feels comfortable and included in the process.

To help ensure this, you can use team building challenges to give everyone the opportunity to get to know each other in a fun and interactive way. You can even use games to help people who are shy or introverted feel more comfortable and able to bond with their colleagues.

For example, you can play Concentration, which is a game most of us remember from childhood. To play, you’ll need a deck of cards that have photos or words related to your company. Split the group into teams and have them compete to match the pairs of cards.

Another challenge that gets team members to connect is a life map. This can be a fun way to bring together people who are new to the team, or a chance for older team members to share their stories.

In addition to bringing people closer together, life map can also allow for deeper sharing and reflection. It’s a great way to get to know your employees in a more intimate and meaningful way, which can lead to stronger relationships and increased productivity.

To get the most out of a team building challenge, you should select the ones that best suit your group’s needs and interests. This can include problem-solving challenges, brain teasers, or anything else that will help your team work towards a common goal.


In a group, every member has their own strengths and working preferences. By utilizing these and promoting individuality, you can increase teamwork and productivity. This is especially important in business, where many problems or challenges involve different teams or departments working on their parts of a problem before coming together to create an overall solution.

There are a variety of materials you can use to help your team work together and build skills. Some are fun and engaging, while others are more focused on core team building concepts like problem solving and communication.

A classic, fun activity that can be tailored to your company’s culture and departments is a scavenger hunt. This is a great way to bond with your employees while learning more about their interests and strengths.

It can be as simple as putting out a list of items that employees need to find, or it can be more complicated and include questions about your office, inside jokes and your company culture. Scavenger hunts can also be paired with other team building activities that encourage problem-solving, leadership, or creative thinking in a fun way!

Another activity that encourages open communication and helps team members bond is Best and Worst. This is a great exercise for teams that don’t work closely together on a daily basis, or are just starting out.

Participants write down their best and worst memories with the people they work with. These could be things they learned from their peers, shared experiences or projects that they had the opportunity to work on together.

Once everyone has written their answers, ask them to crumple their paper and then have a snowball fight. This is a fun and creative team building activity that can be played during breaks or at the end of a meeting to get people more comfortable with each other and spark a little bit of energy in the room.

Time limit

For a quick team building challenge, give your group a few minutes to complete a puzzle or brain teaser. This can be a literal puzzle with a 500 piece set or something more creative that takes your group out of their comfort zones. In either case, you can set a time limit and ensure that everyone in the group contributes to the success of the challenge. The goal is to build trust, active communication and collaboration among your team members.