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Company Events Ideas That Will Impress Your Boss and Staff

Company events are a great way to show your employees that you care and build a cohesive team. But it can be tricky to come up with fun ideas that will also impress your boss and staff.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to get creative with your next corporate event. Here are 20 ideas that are sure to bring your event to life!


Carnival is a popular holiday in Orlando, Florida that features a variety of events to make your party unforgettable. It’s not just a fun way to celebrate, but also a great way to get your company together and spend some quality time together.

While many people think of the word carnival as a Christian event, it has been said that its origins go back to pagan traditions. Its origins in history have a complicated and interesting story.

It’s a celebration of freedom and emancipation that dates back to the Caribbean island of Trinidad. Its beginnings were as a reaction to the Spanish and French colonialism of the Caribbean. It was then transformed into a carnival that embraced traditions from the different ethnic groups on the island.

Traditionally, the start of Carnival coincided with Lent, a 40-day period that followed Easter. As a result, the celebrations were often accompanied by fasting and other forms of spiritual purification.

The celebration was also a way for free blacks in Trinidad to outwardly express their freedom from slavery. This was a form of cultural fusion that helped to create a rich and diverse froth that would eventually become the foundation of the modern Carnival.

While the origins of carnival are a bit muddled, it’s believed that the word came from the Latin words carnis (meaning meat) and levare (meaning to leave off). This was a reference to the Christian practice of abstaining from red meat during the Lent season.

Today, Carnival is a large-scale, international event that occurs in countries across the Caribbean, including Haiti, Martinique and Trinidad. It’s a cultural celebration that combines various Caribbean traditions and is known for its carnival parades, masquerade balls and Soca music.

A big part of the fun is that the whole event is hosted outdoors, so if you’re looking to channel that outdoor spirit, consider having your company event in a tent. Tents can make a festive atmosphere that feels open, inviting and perfect for carnival games!

You can find a wide range of tents to rent for your carnival-themed event, so you’ll be sure to have a space that suits your company’s needs. You can even ask Peerspace’s Concierge Service for help finding a rental that works best for your event.

Movie Night

A movie night is a great way to get the entire crew together in one spot. Whether you choose to screen your favorite blockbuster or an exclusive company film, a movie night has the potential to be a fun, interactive event for all involved.

The best movie night experiences are all about teamwork and communication. These events can be as simple or elaborate as you choose, but they are sure to be a big hit with your employees and their families. The key is finding the right venue and a company with the right equipment to make your night as memorable as possible.

There are a lot of companies that offer these services, so take your time and read up on their features and benefits. Most offer free estimates and have a variety of packages to choose from, so don’t be afraid to ask for something in the price range you are looking for. A few things to keep in mind when comparing different companies include: what kind of screen is being rented, the size of the screen, and the company’s setup and tear down times.

The biggest challenge with this type of event is finding the most effective and cost-efficient way to screen your movie of choice, so be sure to take a few notes from the experts and you’ll be on your way to a successful night of entertainment and team building.

Outdoor Game Night

One of the best ways to bring your company together is to play outdoor games. These activities are designed to get people talking and laughing, which can help you bond over shared interests.

There are many outdoor game night ideas in Orlando, Florida that can be fun and engaging for your team. These games are easy to set up and can be played outdoors in a yard, parking lot or other location.

Kan Jam is a great outdoor party game that can be played with teams. The game involves throwing a Frisbee into a trash can or bin, with the team that throws the most points winning.

Another popular party game is corn hole. It can be played with teams of two or more, and the goal is to toss bean bags into your own personal board without letting them go through.

If you have a large party space, consider hosting a giant version of this classic outdoor yard game. You can order a giant beer pong set or make your own using lightweight volleyballs and large storage tubs.

You can also have a team scavenger hunt to find natural items like pinecones, dandelions, local trees, plants, and wildlife. Or have a photo challenge where you split the team into groups and have them take photos of random things they see outside.

For a more active and competitive event, you can organize a game show that challenges participants to complete a series of physical obstacles. You can gather your team at a field or other outdoor location, then set up stations and give prizes for the best team work, sportsmanlike behavior and cheering energy.

In addition, you can create team-building art projects by taking a walk around a park or trail with the group and then gathering materials for collaborative crafts. You can even create statues from objects that you discover on your walk, then have the team present their creations to each other at the end of the activity.

You can also take your team out to a concert or music festival. Whether you have tickets or plan to bring your own, this is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors while promoting your company culture and boosting morale.

Team Building

Team building activities are a great way to bring your employees together. They can also be a fun addition to your company’s event schedule and give you the opportunity to improve your workplace culture.

Employees need to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves, which is why it’s important to foster a positive work environment and promote teamwork within your company. When employees feel that their efforts are being recognized, they’ll be more likely to stay in the company and help it succeed.

To build teams that will achieve results, you need to recruit people from different backgrounds and experiences. These employees will complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to work together efficiently.

If you are looking for a fun and engaging team building activity, consider comedy or improv games. These are highly interactive and can teach your employees communication, soft skills and focus.

Some companies choose to do this type of activity at a local venue, while others organize group outings in small, more personal locations. For example, Buffer hosts recurring hangouts in locations near their headquarters to create a sense of emotional connection with other remote workers.

These events can be a fun way to bond with your team members, and they’re often inexpensive and easy for anyone to participate in. They’re also great for helping to resolve toxicity and a lack of camaraderie among employees.

You can also use these events as opportunities to learn more about your employees’ personalities and interests. This can help you understand what motivates them and how they’d like to be treated as an individual in the company.

During the event, you may discover that you have employees with hidden leadership skills that can be nurtured through development programs. It’s important to encourage these potential leaders to step up and show their skills so that you can build a strong, cohesive team.

The key to successful team-building events is choosing the right activities that will benefit your company’s goals and values. It’s also important to make sure that everyone can participate in these activities, including those who might be shy or soft-spoken.