team building event ideas

Top 5 Team Building Event Ideas

Team building activities are a great way to connect with your team. These fun events can be used to get employees out of the office and give everyone a chance to bond with each other.

These ice breaker games can help you learn about your teammates’ personalities and interests. They’re perfect for face-to-face team building events or online video conferencing collaboration tools like Zoom.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a fun and interactive team building activity that can be played with individuals or with teams. They are a great way to bond and get to know your team members and can be played in the office or at home. You can also customize scavenger hunts to include your company’s mission and values.

For example, if your company is a financial institution, you might want to add a clue about how the bank was founded or where it is located in your city. This scavenger hunt will help you to connect with the people on your team while also getting them to learn more about your business.

Another popular scavenger hunt is the door-to-door version. Depending on how many participants you have, you can either send one team out to knock on every house on a block or assign them each an odd-numbered house to visit. The key is to use discretion with this game, as you don’t want to be irritating your neighbors or cause them to have any problems.

There are also scavenger hunts that require participants to take photos of different objects. These scavenger hunts can be fun and easy to organize and are a good choice for smaller teams who can move more quickly during the activity.

If you’re looking for a more challenging and exciting scavenger hunt, consider an Alternate Reality Game (ARG). These games combine online game play with a real-life scavenger hunt in a way that is both challenging and engaging.

While there are some drawbacks to these games, they are a great way to bring your team together and create a memorable experience for everyone involved. They can be a great way to get the creative juices flowing and to challenge employees to work harder than they usually do!

Another great team building idea is to customize a scavenger hunt to fit the unique needs of your organization. Ask questions about your team members’ hobbies, interests, and personalities to create a custom scavenger hunt that is sure to make everyone laugh, cheer, and feel included.

Amazing Race

Whether it’s an office-wide version of a television show or a series of challenges that take place around the workplace, the Amazing Race is a great way to motivate teams and spark their creativity. The activities include everything from team-building tasks to creative competitions to fun and exciting challenges that require lateral thinking skills.

Jigsaw puzzle challenges are another popular Amazing Race theme that engage participants with observation and collaboration skills. Rather than putting together a single large piece of puzzle, players divide printed images into multiple pieces and then complete them in a timed race. The challenge can be completed individually or as a team, but it’s especially fun when all the pieces are together.

Blindfold Cereal Threading is a great activity for two-player teams. Supply each team with a bowl of cereal loops and a length of dental floss or sewing thread. Before blindfolding each player, let them study the location of these items to see which one they would prefer to use.

Forehead Cookie Dunk is an Amazing Race challenge that requires balance and coordination. This exercise can happen indoors or outdoors. To prepare for this exercise, simply place a cup filled with milk on a table for each player.

Human Basketball is a simple but effective Amazing Race challenge idea for youths. Students are split into groups and placed in a circle. They then stand on a foot and grab each other’s hands. They then try to get their partner to put their foot down by unbalancing them.

This game is great for teambuilding because it encourages the participants to think outside of the box and use their imagination. They will have to work hard to think of ways to unbalance their partners so that they can get their feet down and keep them from falling off the edge.

The game takes a little prep and some inexpensive supplies, but it’s a good team building exercise that can be done as a group or as individuals. It’s also a great icebreaker for the participants to get to know each other.

Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible is a great team building activity that requires teams to collaborate in order to complete tasks. These fun and interactive activities are designed to boost morale and increase employee engagement.

A great way to get your employees out of the office and enjoying a little bit of adventure, these team building events can be customized for any group size and are available in multiple locations. Participants must solve clues and compete to win a coveted prize at the end of the event.

The best part of this game is that it can be tailored to fit any budget. A Thrill representative will listen to your needs and recommend the right mix of fun, creativity and problem solving for your company’s unique goals.

This fun and engaging scavenger hunt will take participants on a tour of the city of their choice, including downtown Chicago, Lincoln Park, River North, Wrigleyville, China Town and other local attractions. The program typically lasts two hours and culminates at a destination of your choice, whether it be a meeting or a Cubs game.

The best part of this awe-inspiring team building event is that it is customizable to meet any budget. Thrill’s dedicated staff will assist in planning, organizing and executing your scavenger hunt of a lifetime. The staff is trained in all things teambuilding, from designing the right type of scavenger hunt to facilitating team interaction and making sure each participant has an enjoyable time. The staff is also happy to answer any questions you might have about this fun and innovative teambuilding experience. To find out more about this scavenger hunt or to book your next scavenger adventure, contact us today! We are ready to help you achieve your business objectives and make this a day to remember for years to come!

Outdoor Events

Outdoor events are a great way to connect your team, build trust and promote camaraderie. These events can be fun, challenging or both. They also allow your team to get out of the office, breathe in fresh air and take a break from work stress.

Rope courses are a common outdoor activity that includes a variety of physical challenges that teams must overcome together to reach the end. These obstacles include climbing trees, tightropes, and other elements that can challenge your group’s strength, balance, and ability to work together as a team.

Another classic team building activity that is easy to organize and fun for both small and large groups is kart racing. This activity is perfect for team members who enjoy friendly competition and will give your entire team a real adrenaline rush.

Hiking is another outdoor group activity that gives your team exercise and allows you to bond while taking in beautiful views. Choose a scenic trail, bring snacks and water, and set out together for a fun afternoon.

Raft building is another interesting outdoor event that your team will love to try out together. This activity is a little more complicated than a rope course, but it will help you get your adrenaline pumping and boost your team’s morale and communication skills.

In addition to being a fun activity, raft building can teach your team how to be creative with their resources and develop resource management skills. It will also give your team the chance to bond as a group while working out their fears and challenges.

Volunteering is a great way to encourage your team to get involved in a cause that matters to them. It can also help reduce their egos and foster deeper relationships among coworkers, which are essential for workplace success.

If your team is a bunch of animal lovers, then volunteering at an animal shelter could be an ideal outdoor team building activity for them. This type of activity will be a great team bonding experience that your team won’t forget and will likely become a yearly tradition for some of your employees.