corporate team building ideas

Corporate Team Building Ideas

When you need to boost employee engagement, you can try a variety of different team building ideas. These ideas are designed to bring people together, even if they’re not working at the same location or via the same video conferencing tool.

Oftentimes, the best team building events are ones that shift perspectives. For example, a simple activity that gets everyone to jot down three things they would want on their desert island can show how diverse the opinions on your team are.

1. Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Brain teasers and puzzles are a great way to improve team members’ cognitive skills. They can help to boost the brain’s production of dopamine, which is a chemical that regulates mood and memory. They also help to keep the mind active and stimulated, especially when used as a form of exercise.

Visual puzzles involve a series of pictures or images that contain patterns or specific objects that you need to spot in order to complete the task. These can range from simple to challenging, but they all require a little bit of attention to detail and problem-solving.

A visual puzzle can be a great corporate team building idea, as it can give everyone a chance to work on their creativity and abstract thinking skills. They can be as easy as a simple crossword puzzle or as difficult as a jigsaw puzzle.

Another fun brain teaser is “Which one doesn’t belong?” In this puzzle, you’re presented with a picture and are asked to find which item doesn’t go with the rest of the image. This can be a great challenge for those who struggle with attention to detail, as it requires you to focus on each item individually to complete the puzzle.

If you have a larger team, consider hosting a teambuilding competition, which can be a great way to build relationships and develop communication skills. For example, you could host a decorating contest or a cooking competition.

You can also have your employees fill out a personality test, which will allow you to get to know them better and understand their strengths and weaknesses in a more personal way. This can be done in the office or offsite, and can help to create a more cohesive group of people who are on the same page.

2. Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are fun and creative ways to challenge your team members. They’re great for both in-house teams and remote teams.

A scavenger hunt will help you build relationships with your employees and encourage them to bond over an activity they can all share. It also helps them break down barriers and get rid of preconceived ideas about people in their teams.

Getting out of the office and exploring your city together is another way to boost team spirit. For example, you could plan a scavenger hunt that requires your team to take photos of things in their neighborhood, complete photo challenges, or explore the surrounding area in a unique way.

The goal of a scavenger hunt is to find clues that lead to answers to specific questions. This allows you to test your team’s problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and creativity.

This is an excellent way to challenge your employees’ leadership skills and communication skills as well. By using their strengths in a playful environment, these activities can help team members strengthen their leadership skills and increase their confidence in leading others.

You can also use a scavenger hunt as an opportunity to show your company’s culture and values through the challenges that you create. This can help you attract and retain top talent in your business.

You can also use a scavenger search to create unique photo challenges that require your team members to use their creativity and sense of humor. For example, you might ask them to take a photo of someone who isn’t their boss or to take a picture of something in your office that they think you’ll find interesting.

3. Personality Tests

Personality tests are an excellent way to get a better idea of how your team members function as individuals. It can also help you to identify any communication barriers that might be holding your team back from working together more efficiently.

Personality testing can be a great tool for recruiting and onboarding new employees, as well. This can be especially helpful for those who are working remotely, as it will allow you to better understand their work style and how they might fit into your company’s culture.

The Enneagram Institute offers an online assessment that you can take with your team members to learn their personality types. Each personality type is defined by a core belief that guides their behavior and motivates them to work hard.

While this isn’t a complete picture of a person’s personality, it can be an effective way to get a glimpse into their motivations and fears. Understanding their core beliefs will make it easier to work with them and ensure that you are all on the same page about what your goals and objectives are.

Another important aspect of personality test results is that they help people recognize their emotions. This is an essential skill for working in a corporate setting, as emotions can play a huge role in deciding how to interact with clients and other people.

The Big 5 personality test is an excellent option for any business looking to hire new staff, and it’s based on extensive research. It breaks personalities into five broad categories and identifies a person’s personality strengths and weaknesses, including those related to their Big 5 traits.

4. Offsite Events

When it comes to team building for a large group, onsite events can be the perfect solution. They don’t require the time or resources of virtual team events, and they can be more engaging for everyone in the group.

For a big group, onsite events like puzzles and brain teasers can be an excellent way to cultivate team bonding. This type of event has a high level of excitement and gets coworkers working together on one common goal, which is ideal for fostering strong bonds in the immediate team as well as among the group as a whole.

In addition to onsite events, there are a number of offsite options that can be used to build team spirit. Whether it’s going on a bike ride or taking the company on a city excursion, these activities are designed to get employees outside of their usual comfort zone.

A good scavenger hunt is another classic team building activity. Divide your employees into teams and assign them with a list of items that they must find. The scavenger hunt can be a fun way to get to know each other better and develop communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

Depending on the scavenger hunt’s theme, this can also be a great opportunity to have employees practice their communication skills by helping others complete the scavenger hunt.

This is a good idea for any group, but it can be especially beneficial for groups of people who are prone to awkward silences. Dancing is a great way to help cure those awkward silences, get people talking, and encourage a healthy, playful environment.

5. Virtual Break Rooms

A virtual break room is a great way to encourage team members to collaborate and interact with one another. They’re also useful for teams that have remote workers or participants who can’t join a physical meeting.

They can also be a great way to give your participants a chance to talk about personal issues or concerns that may be too sensitive for the main room. The virtual breakout room is a smaller space than a full meeting, so it’s often able to provide a more intimate setting for people to open up and share their thoughts without being criticized by others.

These types of meetings can be a lot more successful with a few key details in place, including clear joining instructions and a schedule that allows people to get the most out of their time in the room. These can be added to the calendar invite or in the event description to help your attendees understand how to join the virtual break room and what they should expect during it.

This will ensure that your participants are able to join the virtual break room and participate in conversations as efficiently as possible. Regardless of how they join, it’s important that all participants are able to connect with the group and share their ideas.

If you’re working with a globally diverse team, this works especially well. You can get everyone to submit a picture or a traditional song from their country that reflects the theme of the week.

This is an excellent corporate team building idea that helps to build stronger bonds and improve collaboration amongst team members. It’s an incredibly easy way to connect your remote team and create a more relaxed work environment.