team builder activities for adults

Top 5 Team Building Games For Adults

Team builder activities for adults can help energize a workshop setting, encourage team communication and challenge problem solving skills. These games also foster creative thinking and encourage playful approaches to common challenges.

One of the biggest challenges teams face is time-sensitive tasks and situations that require them to be flexible and adaptive. This is why time-sensitive team building games are so valuable.

1. Truth or Lie

The truth or lie icebreaker is a classic game that is played with teams and is a great way to get to know team members. It can be done orally, face-to-face, or remotely. It is also a fun team bonding activity, especially if you have recently hired new team members.

To play, all team members write down two true statements about themselves and one lie. The lie should be realistic and believable to the rest of the group. You can also make the statement outrageous or surprising if you want to add some extra drama.

Once everyone has written their statements down, you can go around the circle and have each person share their two statements and one lie in random order. Then the entire group will vote on which statement is a lie. The winner is the person who guesses the correct statement.

You can also try this team building activity in the classroom, where you can divide students into groups. Each group has three people in it and the goal is to find two truths and one lie about the other members of the group.

Depending on the number of participants, this can take a few minutes to complete. If you have time, you can also allow each person to ask a limited number of questions to the other people in their group before the round begins.

This is a quick and easy icebreaker that can be done orally, face-to-face, and remotely. It is a fun and entertaining activity that can help team members bond quickly and easily. It can also be done in a group setting, like at an impromptu meeting or during a team lunch.

2. Survival Games

Survival Games are a popular team building activity that challenges participants to survive in a challenging environment. These activities give individuals a chance to test their physical limits, while also improving their skills in areas like foraging, CPR, abseiling, and improvised stretchers.

Many of the games in this genre are set in post-apocalyptic environments, where the player must try to find resources, build shelters, and keep themselves alive. Some of these games take a more realistic approach to the circumstances that are likely to occur in such scenarios, while others focus on a more supernatural or fantasy world.

In any game, a key tenet is that the player must be able to face their fears and overcome overwhelming obstacles in order to save themselves. This realism is what sets survival games apart from their more action-heavy cousins, and it’s why a significant army of fans has formed around them.

These games also offer players a generous amount of freedom in their exploration, which can often be an excellent tool for learning how to handle complications. Whether you’re stranded on an alien ocean rock or in someone’s backyard, putting yourself in the shoes of your character can provide an empowering sense of autonomy, which helps foster a sense of self-worth.

As an added bonus, playing these games also gives people a chance to practice their communication and teamwork skills. In addition, it allows them to bond over a common experience.

Although these games are a little more complex than most, they can be a great way to spend time with a group of friends or family members. With so many games available to choose from, there’s bound to be one that suits your needs.

3. Embrace the Future

Embrace the Future is a team building activity for adults that will help you imagine your company’s future, while also helping you bond with your peers. This is a good activity to do in pairs or small groups and is also perfect for team building events like holiday parties.

This is a simple, but effective team builder that will have everyone laughing and having fun at the same time. The best part is that it’s inexpensive to do and doesn’t take up too much of your team’s time or resources.

The game involves a simple twist on the traditional relay race, but this time, teams have to use their imaginations to complete their task. For example, they may have to guess which of the four participants will win the race or who will be wearing the most stylish outfit.

While this might be a little silly, it’s a great team building exercise for adults because it encourages innovation and collaboration. Taking the time to come up with a fun, creative solution to your problem is always a good idea!

One of the best ways to do that is by experimenting with different technologies. This will not only make you more efficient, but it will also keep you and your team on the cutting edge of technology.

This is the best way to demonstrate to your team that you understand their needs, and it’s a fantastic team building exercise that will have them coming back for more! The best part is that it’s a lot of fun, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. The list of activities you can try with your team is endless, so get started!

4. Tied Together

Tied Together is an excellent game that can be played by up to four players. Its gameplay focuses on precision platforming and it can be difficult to get the timing right.

This game is perfect for groups that want to work together and learn about each other’s ideas. It also teaches communication skills and can help teams to delegate tasks.

To play this game, gather a group of people and have them sit in a circle. You can use shoe laces, zip ties or cloth strips to tie each person’s wrists together.

Once all the team members have been tied, you will ask them to complete a series of simple tasks that require close collaboration between each teammate. These tasks can include pouring a glass of water, wrapping a gift, building a bridge and more.

In order to be successful at this activity, each member of the team must communicate well and collaborate closely with their teammates. They must also make sure that everyone knows the rules and strategies of the game before they start.

This is an excellent team builder that will challenge all of your members to be creative and innovative. It is also great for developing problem solving skills.

5. Blindfold Game

A blindfold game is a great way to introduce non-verbal communication in a team building activity. This game challenges students to work together to guide a blindfolded partner through a maze without touching them. It also helps to increase the importance of verbal instructions and teamwork.

Create a minefield of cones, soda cans and other objects that have some weight or noise to them (think boxes, bells, mats etc). Each team has a blindfolded player and they must make it past these hazards with the help of a partner.

This activity is excellent for communication, trust and leadership. It requires good planning, time for practice runs and a bit of a challenge.

Mark out a zone on an area of rough grass 10m x 10m (if you have a rope this is a perfect size). Have one person in the zone and then let everyone else wear blindfolds and find them.

If you have a bigger group, then add more cones or other objects to create a more challenging “minefield”. You can even try making a mini maze by re-arranging classroom furniture to create an obstacle course!

Another team building activity that involves a blindfold is color blind. In this team problem solving activity, the team has to solve a puzzle that includes 2 pieces of shapes removed. This can be done with a group of 6-12 and takes about 30 minutes.

This is a fun and simple date night activity for couples. It’s a little cheeky and is a great way to heighten your senses. You can have fruit, a glass of fizz, whipped cream or some sex toys prepared for the game, and have your partner feel, taste and smell them to guess what they are.