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Team Building Games That Build Strong Relationships

Team building games have been proven to strengthen relationships, encourage communication, mediate conflict and increase employee engagement. In addition, they help employees connect with their peers and create strong work friendships.

These team building games are perfect for virtual teams and in-person meetings alike. You can even play them remotely by using a video conferencing service!


Communication is the transfer of information between different people or groups. It can be a one-way or two-way process, and it can be done via written, verbal or nonverbal means.

The process of communication involves four main components: source, message, channel and receiver. A source is the person or group who tries to transmit an idea to another individual, while a message is the idea that is being transferred.

A team building game can be a great way to teach teams about communication. It can also help teams work together better and build relationships with their peers.

This activity is perfect for teams of all ages and is easy to adapt to any size of group. It teaches teamwork and collaboration, but it can also be a lot of fun for those who enjoy playing games!

No Context Pictures is a fun indoor team building game that lets participants paint a more complete picture of their coworkers by submitting photos with no context. Then, all team members are asked to submit short explanations of what the photos depict. This reveals a more complete view of your coworkers and helps them build trust in each other.

Another communication-based team building game is back-to-back drawing. This is similar to back-to-back paper folding, but it focuses on teamwork and communication instead of the individual. This game teaches teamwork and communication skills and can be played with any kind of object.

To play this game, gather a group of people and place each one in a circle. Then, have each participant tell three truths and one lie about themselves. As the game progresses, the moves get more fast-paced and difficult, so team members must stay in sync and communicate.

This simple team building game teaches everyone to pay attention and follow directions. It is a fun icebreaker and an excellent way to test the limits of your team members. This game will also help to develop their verbal and non-verbal communication skills.


One of the most rewarding aspects of teamwork is collaboration. This is most apparent when teams are working on large projects or even day to day tasks that require a level of cooperation. You can find games that incorporate collaboration in varying degrees from simple competitions to formal brainstorming sessions. A team building game that demonstrates this is the Spaghetti Mummy – it uses spaghetti, a marshmallow and a yard of string to build the tallest freestanding structure possible.

The best part is that it’s easy to implement and can be scaled to suit any size team. This fun activity can be played at any time of the day, and even outdoors. This is a great way to bring your team together to see what you have in common, while having a lot of fun doing it!


Problem-solving activities can be fun and challenging, but they also teach teams how to collaborate under pressure. These team building games also help participants develop an agile mindset, which can help them deal with changing circumstances and new problems as they arise.

Some popular problem-solving game options for teams include scavenger hunts and crossword puzzles, both of which require critical thinking and logical thinking skills. In addition, problem-solving games often involve language and creativity.

In a scavenger hunt, each group must find items from a list based on clues and return them within the given time limit. These problem-solving activities are great for high-energy groups who love to work together and solve problems as a team.

Another problem-solving activity is to use the simplex process, which has four stages: define, brainstorm, design and implement. This technique helps teams break down a problem into a more manageable portion and make it easier for them to solve.

The simplex process also encourages teams to take a step back and look at the entire picture before making any decisions. This technique is especially helpful when dealing with complex problems or issues that may not have a clear resolution.

A fun problem-solving team building game that combines teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity is the Domino Effect Challenge. In this exercise, teams must assemble the tallest freestanding tower by using marshmallows, tape and uncooked spaghetti.

If you have a large team, this is a great opportunity to get the entire team working together in a cohesive manner. You can even split up the groups into smaller sub-teams to give everyone an opportunity to collaborate and solve problems as a unit.

This is a great way to improve team morale and build trust. The team should be able to share their thoughts and opinions during the game.

One of the most common problems that teams face is finding the best solution to a problem. This problem-solving activity is a good way for team members to identify the solution that works best for their needs and goals.

This team building game can be done in-person or online. It requires a group of at least five people. It also requires a group leader or facilitator to oversee the process.


We all have to make decisions on a regular basis, and sometimes those can be difficult. The task can be especially daunting when we have so many options to choose from, but there are ways to help make decisions easier.

One of the most important things we can do when we need to make a decision is gather information and research our options. This can be as simple as thinking back to previous meetings, or it can involve more extensive research.

Another way to make better decisions is to communicate with your team early and often. This will ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of the problem and what is needed to solve it.

You should also be willing to listen to other people’s views, and not dismiss them simply because they are unpopular. This is a form of herd mentality and can be counterproductive.

This can be particularly important in team building, as teams often have different viewpoints and opinions on different issues. It is important to understand this, as it can be a crucial factor in finding new solutions and helping your team reach their goals.

In a team building game, you can try some fun exercises that will help your team practice their decision-making skills. These can include games that involve evaluating different scenarios and coming up with the best solution.

To start, divide your team into small groups and give each group an object. Have them take turns acting out a unique use for that object, then have them present their ideas to the rest of the group.

Why this is a great team building game: It helps everyone in the team collaborate, brainstorm ideas, and think creatively. You can even have a competition to see which team has the most innovative solutions.

This is a great game to do when you want to get people in the mood for a team meeting or when you need a quick break during a busy workday. It will encourage your team to work together and develop communication skills that will be invaluable when they are working together on a project or other tasks in the future.