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New York City’s Top Team Building Companies

Team building activities can help businesses of all sizes improve their productivity and morale. They also foster employee connectedness, which can lead to more open communication and increased collaboration.

Team building companies offer a wide range of fun and challenging activities, from physical challenges to scavenger hunts. Some even offer charity fundraising events to benefit a local organization or cause.

Rock Paper Team

There is no doubt that New York City has its share of highbrow, lowbrow, and downright shady entertainment venues. But a good time can be had at a reasonable price tag, which is where the best team building companies in and around the Big Apple come into their own. One company is the king of the court, and its competitors are aplenty. The aforementioned company is by far the best bet for an all-encompassing team building experience, but that won’t stop some of their top-notch staff from taking the helms of a lucky sexie sexie. You can find them on their website or contact them at a time that suits your schedule and your budget.


FireFly is a team building company that produces unique, fun events. They design experiences that help companies work on trust, leadership, engagement and culture with their employees. Their events include scavenger hunts, charity builds, beach Olympics and more.

Firefly’s emcees are passionate about providing an engaging, memorable experience for their clients. They will use color commentary to keep energy high, provide information for groups, and set the tone for the event. They will work in front of groups from 12 to 1,000 people. They may be partnered with an operations staff member for larger events.

Before Covid-19, Firefly primarily operated as a gig work business, so they didn’t have a centralized location for their events. Their employees would email their availability requests and book a trip sheet to confirm a booking, which was a time-consuming process. The staffing process required a significant amount of manual work and didn’t allow them to focus on the creative aspects of their business.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many of their clients were forced to cancel their event plans, and Firefly’s calendar went blank. The company was left to find ways to grow their business in these new conditions and adapt to the changes in the industry.

They were able to survive the situation by adapting to new workforce methods and expanding nationwide. In order to accomplish this, they used Ubeya’s employee management software and online event planning tools.

By implementing these tools, the Firefly team was able to scale their company and become more profitable. In addition, their virtual platform allowed them to reach more people and produce events in a variety of creative ways.

They also implemented a mobile-friendly website and increased social media visibility. This helped increase their client’s revenue and improve brand awareness. They also performed high-quality work and provided flexible communication via emails, WhatsApp, and phone calls. The end clients were pleased with their results. They’re confident that Firefly will be a long-term partner for them.

Team Challengers

Team Challengers focuses on team building through fun and engaging activities that improve critical-thinking, problem-solving and conflict-management skills. It also enhances communication, leadership and collaboration, sensitivity, and diversity.

The company’s programs can be customized to meet the specific needs of a group, class, organization or department. Participants experience team development exercises designed to promote trust, communication and leadership while learning how to effectively delegate tasks, set objectives, and measure performance.

This unsigned team has players who have competed across the North American VALORANT scene over the past few years. Among them are Jonaaa6, who spent time with Andbox and Zero Marksmen Black, and Lear who was part of the winning Nerd Street LAN tournament team, NFYU. Nillyaz, who was with Cloud9 Academy in 2021, and PureVNS, a coach for Knights Academy, are also well-known players.

While primarily composed of unsigned players, this roster did make it through the Challengers League’s last chance qualifier in 2022 and beat Soniqs to join the league. They have a few known members from past tournaments including Governor, Harmful and Add3r from Nerd Street’s VALORANT Lockdown finals in Fullerton, California.

These players all started in the esports scene at the same time and competed with a variety of organizations across a wide range of North American VALORANT levels. They all have played together on several teams, but their best results came with Oxygen Esports, where they went to VCT Champions in 2021 and lost a few lower bracket qualifying matches along the way.

A few of the other members of this roster, such as Verno, were formerly with Oxygen Academy. But they’ve since moved on to other organizations and had some success in the VALORANT community.

They stumbled just once during the open Challengers qualifier, losing to Disguised Toast in an upper bracket qualifying match, but then beating Silk Road in the final round of competition to qualify for the Challengers League.

This team has a strong mix of skill and experience, which makes them an ideal choice for a group that wants to get the most out of their competitive gaming experiences. It’s not hard to see why – the team members have a great amount of passion for the game and are always trying their best to win. Their chemistry is also evident as they work well together to ensure that each player feels comfortable with their teammates and knows what they’re up against during every match.


Confetti is a company that offers virtual team building experiences for companies who are looking to build stronger workplace culture. The company provides a variety of fun and engaging activities for teams to engage in across the globe.

The company’s mission is to make it easy for people to plan and schedule team building events, whether they are located in the office or working from home. They also provide support via email and chat.

They offer several different options for team building activities, including a shippable experience and a hosted game night. They also provide customer service that is friendly and helpful.

Their customer service team was extremely helpful when it came to planning my event and making sure everything went as planned. They even sent me a follow up email after my event to ensure that everything was going smoothly.

The company also offers a Diversity, Equality and Inclusion collection of team building experiences. These experiences are designed to help people learn about and celebrate the different facets of diversity in a fun and interactive way.

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