london team building activities

London Team Building Activities

Whether you’re planning a corporate event or team-building activity, London is one of the most exciting capital cities in Europe. The city boasts a range of venues, hotels, and historical centers ready to host your next corporate party or team event.

Regular team building events are one of the best ways to encourage communication and collaboration within teams, as well as build trust between coworkers. We have compiled a list of some unique London team building activities you can consider for your next group trip!


Bouldering is a fun and challenging team building activity that encourages a great deal of social interaction. It’s also a fantastic form of exercise – it uses muscles all over the body, as well as your arms, so it can be a real workout.

In recent years, rock climbing and bouldering soared in popularity, with indoor climbing centres opening all over the capital. They offer a huge range of problems for all abilities and often have cafes to stop off at after the climb.

A boulder problem is a sequence of technical climbing moves, like a normal climbing route but without ropes. It requires balance, strength and flexibility to complete successfully.

Many bouldering gyms use grading systems for their problems, although these can be difficult to understand and use. Some use a colour coded system to mark the difficulty of the problems, while others may have their own grading system which can be confusing for beginners and even more so when the grades differ from one bouldering centre to another!

The best bouldering areas often feature large amounts of sandstone, which is often arranged into circuits of similar grade. This means that even the most experienced climbers can find something challenging, and it’s easy to find a bouldering destination that suits you.

Go Ape

Go Ape is the UK’s leading outdoor adventure company with 34 locations across the country. They offer a range of exciting team building activities that will push your team outside their comfort zone and develop communication and teamwork skills.

With ropes courses and treetop challenges, it’s a perfect day out for your team. You’ll get a dedicated host who will take care of your day, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

You can also try out other ground based activities that will test your teams physical capabilities and challenge their communication skills. These include a combination of mental puzzles and physical challenges that will help develop your teams communication and problem solving abilities.

Whether you’re looking for a fun activity to get your team working together or a more challenging activity that will push them outside their comfort zones, you can find the best team building activities in London. You can even combine a day of activity with a scavenger hunt around London’s most famous streets.

Gravity Wandsworth

Gravity Wandsworth is London’s state-of-the-art home for active entertainment. It’s packed with eight mega unique experiences, and three bars and restaurants all under one roof.

The three floor complex covers over 100,000 sq ft of pure enjoyment and excitement. It’s a place where people of all ages can have an incredible time, from e-karting to urban street golf, VR to competitive gaming and darts.

What’s more, you can enjoy a noodle kitchen, New York-themed restaurant and 14 full-length bowling lanes coupled with the latest SPARK technology and more. There’s also a sports bar, live music, corporate events and birthdays to keep you entertained all day long.

Founded in 2014, Gravity is an active entertainment and leisure brand that has diversified its product offering over the years to stay ahead of the market. This includes a multi-level e-karting circuit, spark technology bowling, VR, urban street golf, e-sports, digital darts, FEC and F&B offerings.

Dirty Martini

With companies slowly returning to the office and co-workers re-adjusting to shared spaces, there has never been a more crucial time to reinvest in company culture and team building. Whether you’re looking to re-establish connections or build new ones, we’ve got plenty of activities that are perfect for in-person, virtual, and hybrid working situations.

With a dash of salty, savory brine, the Dirty Martini takes the classic martini to the next level. It’s a gin drink with vermouth, and the olive brine gives it a bit of a kick.

Located on the famous Covent Garden piazza, Dirty Martini has established itself as a stylish hang out and boasts expert bar staff to mix any cocktail you can dream of. Their extensive drinks menu offers a wide range of Champagnes, wines and spirits to suit all tastes and budgets.

Kingpin Suite

Kingpin Suite is a unique london venue and it regularly hosts corporate entertainment, launches and team building exercises for London’s top companies. Decked out with five bowling lanes, a karaoke room and a bar and stage, this is a must-visit for any group looking to have some fun together.

The venue also boasts a host of other team building activities, including laser tag, arcades and a karaoke room to boot! If you’re looking for something a bit more challenging, why not try their escape rooms?

There are four themed escape rooms to choose from, each of which aims to get your group on the right track and into the right mindset for problem-solving. You’ll need to be smart and quick, as well as daring, if you want to find your way out in the least amount of time possible!

For senior executives who need to break down silos, Virtual Social Shuffle is the name of the game. This ultra-social activity requires your group to break out into teams and answer a series of fun facts about each other, in the most engaging and interesting manner possible.

Inamo Soho Games Room

Inamo Soho has always had a penchant for technology (you order your food via touch-screen tables), but it’s recently added a private games room to its Covent Garden site. Featuring double wall projections that span 150 inches, there’s a choice of over 150 games on popular games consoles, and up to eight players can game simultaneously.

This is an ideal venue for a birthday party, a team evening with work colleagues or a client event that combines food and gaming. With Chromecast, Apple TV and 2 x PS4s, 2 x Wiis and Atari gold for retro games, you can play, drink, eat, sing, watch TV (e.g. live sports) or project your own content onto the walls for a presentation, screening or just showing off your favourite images and videos!

Inamo Soho also offers a How to Roll Your Own Dragon sushi class, which is the perfect way to spend an evening with your friends. This is the kind of interactive dining experience that no other London restaurant offers. It’s also got a kitchen webcam that lets you watch chefs in action without having to leave your table.

Sport’s Day

If your team loves competitive games, a sport’s day might be right up their alley. They’re fun and a great way to build trust, communication, leadership and teamwork.

They’re also an excellent way to bring your whole group together in a unique way. The fun, humour and competitive spirit of a sports day will make it an unforgettable experience for everyone.

A corporate sports day is a great way to get your team out of the office, away from their usual routines and into something they’ll love doing. Plus, it can really boost morale, help with team bonding and promote a healthier work-life balance.

Alternatively, you could take your team out for a field trip or a breakfast retreat. Some ideas include a trampoline complex, ice-skating rink or outdoor ropes course.

If you’re looking for something more immersive, check out one of the many hyper reality events in London. You’ll be able to enjoy stunning views, a karaoke sing-along and high-tech golfing action. Then, top it all off with a craft beer.

Crazy Golf

Mini Golf is a great way to build team spirit as it encourages social interactions, helps team members feel more confident in their abilities and boosts their self-esteem. It also allows people to work together and spend time away from their desks, which is a proven way to improve productivity.

There are many different forms of this short game, including crazy golf, putt putt and behcup. Each is similar in that it requires a putter and balls to be hit on shorter holes.

If you’re looking for a fun activity that involves putting and potting, look no further than London’s crazy golf venues. Swingers, Birdies and Plonk all offer quirky helter-skelter courses with plenty of street food outlets for a post-golf meal.

It’s a popular and fun team building activities for office workers, especially after the summer holidays. There’s nothing quite like competition to get people interacting and laughing. The best part is that there’s no skill required, so everyone can take part in the event! After a fun energetic icebreaker, your team will be split into teams and will be given the task of building their own unique mini golf hole.