team building corporate days

5 Tips For Successful Team Building Corporate Days

Team building corporate days are a great way to bring employees together in a fun and memorable way. They can also help resolve tension and increase productivity.

It is important to plan a variety of activities to make sure everyone has a chance to participate. Having a break between events also lets coworkers recharge their batteries and be ready to interact again.

Assigning Travel Buddies

Travel buddies can be a great way to ensure that your team has a memorable trip and will make it even more fun. Having a buddy on hand will allow them to share in the planning process and will also help them to learn more about the destination they are visiting.

One great way to find a travel buddy is to visit a local Meetup group. These are generally free and are a great place to meet like-minded people with whom you can share a common interest.

Another option is to use a social networking site, such as Facebook or Reddit, to find someone who is going on a similar trip. Although these sites can be difficult to weed through due to their lack of social proof, they are a good way to start the search.

Aside from being a great way to connect with fellow travelers, these sites also offer some great tips and advice for your trip. For example, they often list tips for finding a taxi, where to find the best restaurant in town, and even how to get to a museum without spending too much money. Additionally, these social media sites have many communities for different destinations, so it is easy to find a travel buddy to meet with.

Creating Groups to Compete in Games

Creating groups to compete in games is one of the best ways to spark competitive team building activities. It’s also a great way to break up corporate days and give people a chance to socialize.

For example, Pandora uses a program called Would You Rather to encourage employees to form their teams around shared interests. The company funds these group outings, and employees are encouraged to participate in as many as they can.

They’ll spend most of the day seated at their desks, so these breaks are essential for keeping employees engaged. It also allows them to get outside, enjoy the weather and meet new people.

Another way to encourage a competitive spirit is to have a team-wide board game tournament. Pick a single game and ask each group to play for a certain amount of time, then give prizes to the winners.

If your group is large, you can divide them into subgroups and assign leaders for each group. This game requires each leader to build a structure that can keep an egg safe from damage when dropped from a height of six inches or so. It’s a great way to teach teamwork and leadership skills, and it will get everyone in the group thinking creatively about how they can improve their teams.

Including Fun Icebreaker Questions

Including fun icebreaker questions is an easy way to build team spirit and encourage conversations before any type of group meeting. These questions also allow participants to learn more about each other and their personal interests.

Whether you’re putting together a group of people you don’t know that well or are bringing in someone new for a corporate day, icebreaker questions can be helpful. They help to break the ice, introduce the participants to one another, and make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

For example, if you’re preparing a corporate day for your company’s new hires, ask them how they feel about being on the team and why they joined. This is a great icebreaker to get them talking and helps you understand their perspective, which can be helpful for managing your employees in the long run.

Alternatively, you can host virtual break rooms to help your remote team stay connected with one another. These virtual chats can be held over Zoom or another type of videoconferencing platform and are a fun way to keep your staff connected on a regular basis.

Having a Plan B for Outdoor Activities

A successful team building corporate day is all about putting together a well-rounded and engaging experience for the whole crew. The weather can play a large role in the overall success of your event, but you can still keep the party going with a little creativity and planning ahead. In order to ensure that your big day is a resounding success, you should consider the finer points of the planning process and include the following in your checklists:

Having a plan B for your outdoor activities goes a long way in making sure that your day isn’t bogged down by weather delays. The best way to accomplish this is to look for a venue that can accommodate a tent as well as one that has a secondary indoor space that will serve as your go-to emergency plan if the weather smacks you in the face. The biggest challenge is to find the right balance between keeping your guests dry and still providing them with a good time.

Having a Plan B for Indoor Activities

If you plan to host a large-scale outdoor event, it’s best to have a back up plan for indoor activities as well. Many venues offer indoor options, but you should check with your event planner to ensure that the space is appropriate for the size of your group and that it’s easily accessible if needed.

One of the most fun ways to wrangle a group on a team building day is to play choose-your-own-adventure type games. These activities are especially suited to extroverted teams and are also a great way to get the creativity flowing.

Another idea is to incorporate a ‘famous pair’ game into your team-building activity. This is a simple game that requires everyone to write down two names on sticky notes and see who can guess which one they’re writing. This is a good idea for larger groups, and is a lot of fun for employees who like to compete in games.

Whether you’re hosting a team-building event, birthday party, or holiday gathering, having a plan B can help make your day go smoothly. Be sure to have a variety of fun ideas ready for your event, so you’re always prepared for the unexpected!

Having a Plan B for Virtual Meeting Rooms

One of the biggest challenges for teams who work remotely is keeping team morale high. To do this, team building corporate days are a great way to bond and create an environment where employees can feel comfortable.

However, it is also important to make sure that your team can have fun whilst participating in the activities. There are a number of different activities that you can include in your virtual meeting rooms that will help you to do this.

If you are working with a large group you may want to look at adding in some fun icebreaker questions before the meeting starts. These can be very simple and will make people feel more comfortable while they are attending the meeting.

You should also make sure that you have a plan B for any technical issues that may arise. These can range from a person’s internet connection to the video conferencing platform that they are using and you should have a backup plan for these. It is best to try and get these issues resolved before the meeting so that you are not in a situation where you cannot do anything about it. This will save you from being in a position where you cannot get the job done and will ensure that everyone is happy when the meeting finishes.