corporate indoor team building activities

Corporate Indoor Team Building Activities

Whether you’re a group of corporate professionals looking to break away from the office walls, or just need a fun activity to keep your team engaged, there are plenty of indoor team building activities for you to choose from.

These indoor team building exercises can be used to build camaraderie, problem-solving skills, creative thinking, and communication. Some of them are also great for boosting employee health and well-being!

Bulletin Boards

In an era when technology and communication tools are rapidly evolving, bulletin boards remain an effective way of sharing information, messages or notifications. It’s a great way to get your message across and can even help you attract new business or make existing ones more productive.

A bulletin board can be used in a variety of ways, from being used to create visual art pieces to being an interactive forum for discussion. When used effectively, a bulletin board can be an excellent tool for both students and teachers.

They’re also a great way to share information about upcoming events or other relevant information within the workplace. Many companies use these boards to promote their culture and to provide employees with important information about the company.

Decorative bulletin boards turn a bare wall into a work of art, adding a unique touch to an otherwise ordinary space. They can be made out of a variety of materials, including cork or magnetic, and are durable enough to withstand multiple uses.

Displaying student work on a bulletin board can motivate them to take their studies seriously. Educators often use this type of board to highlight their students’ accomplishments, thereby boosting self-esteem and confidence.

It’s important to note that if the work being displayed isn’t relevant or useful to students, it is an unnecessary waste of educational space. However, if the work displays interesting and innovative creative techniques or challenges that are relevant to the subject being taught, then a bulletin board can be an effective tool for encouraging academic success.

Another benefit of bulletin boards is that they’re a great way to review material that has been covered previously in class. This can help students recall the material and reinforce it before an upcoming test or during a unit.

Answer quests, in which students move from board to board to find answers to questions can also help them hone their skills. These activities can also be fun and engaging for both teachers and students.

Using a digital bulletin board to conduct market research can be an effective way to gather valuable feedback from respondents. But, it’s important to remember that these online forums aren’t accessible to all participants, and moderators can influence the opinions of survey takers. To avoid bias, it’s best to consult a market research firm about the best times and locations to utilize these online forums for your research needs.


Pictionary is a game that teaches several different skills, including communication and vocabulary. It’s an ideal choice for a team-building activity because it can help students develop trust and confidence in each other.

To play the game, teams pick out a card that includes words in different categories–animals, names of places, movies or famous people, objects and so on. One player on each team draws a picture for a prompt, then the other teammates must guess it within the time allowed. If a team guesses the word correctly, it moves one square on the game board and wins.

There are many variations of Pictionary, and it can be played on both board and computer devices. Some versions, such as Quick Draw, have an AI partner that tries to guess the word, while other versions, such as Pictionary Air, have a digital drawing board.

Regardless of the variation, Pictionary is an excellent way to get the brain thinking. This is because it requires visualization and organization of ideas. It can also be used to review course content in a fun way, helping students retain information that they may otherwise forget.

If you want to try a new twist on the classic game, consider playing Virtual Pictionary online. This is a great way to bond with long-time coworkers or even as an icebreaker with new team members.

The game starts with a professional host who will introduce everyone to the rules and keep the games running smoothly. Once the entire office is signed in, the host will break up the groups into even teams. This creates a more social setting that is a better fit for teams and keeps the office from splitting up into team-vs.-team mentality.

For even more excitement, you can invite your group to play a movie-centric Pictionary game. This will have your entire team quoting, quipping, and reminiscing about their favorite movies.

There are a few different ways to play Pictionary, but the most important thing is to have a good time! This is an incredibly fun game that will help you build a better connection with your team and get everyone involved in a healthy competition.


Charades is an old-school party game that can be played with any age group and every size of group. It’s perfect for birthday parties and holiday get-togethers and works equally well both indoors and outdoors, rain or shine.

This classic game is a great way to engage your employees with the idea of collaboration. It also encourages leadership and planning.

It’s a fun and easy game to play, even for kids of all ages, and it helps people learn how to work together to guess the word or phrase that they have been given. You can also make the game more challenging by limiting the number of guesses that people have to make in a certain amount of time.

Another good way to get people to work together is with a physical activity. One of the most popular team building activities is a simple rope charades game.

To begin, divide your team into two equal groups and ask them to select a leader. Then, have them choose words that contain one letter less than the number of people on each team.

Next, have them act out the words or phrases with their body. This is a great teambuilding exercise because it gets everyone to relax and communicate clearly.

It’s also a great way to test your improvisation skills and get people laughing. You can even turn it into a contest between teams to see who can guess the most words.

Feelings are a huge part of our lives, but sometimes we don’t know how to say them. This is where games like Feelings Charades come in handy.

With this game, students can act out a number of different emotions, such as happy, sad, or excited. It’s a great way to talk about emotions and teach students to think about how they might feel before they express them.

The next time you’re looking for a fun and easy corporate indoor team building activity, consider trying charades! It’s sure to get your employees talking and laughing while they get to know each other better.

Holiday Party

Holiday parties are a great way to thank your employees for their hard work during the year. They also give you an opportunity to celebrate organizational milestones, recognize teamwork efforts and honor your top performers.

In addition to these benefits, the company holiday party is also a great opportunity to recognize individual achievements and build a sense of community. Companies that consistently and proactively recognize their employees tend to have better workplace environments and happier cultures.

Employees that feel recognized are more likely to stick around. They’re also more likely to be engaged and have a positive opinion of the company.

The Holiday Party gives you an excellent opportunity to celebrate your team’s accomplishments and encourage them to keep working hard for the future. You can do this through a variety of activities, from a potluck lunch to an office holiday party or virtual celebration.

To make sure your Holiday Party is a success, plan early and get input from your team members. This allows your steering committee to involve everyone and create an event that suits the needs of your team.

You can use polling tools to compile employee feedback and incorporate their ideas into the planning process. This will ensure that your team has a say in the final product and will show them that you value their opinion.

For example, you could ask the team to suggest ideas for food and drink for your party and listen to their responses. This will help you create a fun, interactive event that everyone can enjoy.

Another idea is to hold a holiday happy hour, where you can have your team mix their own Christmas cocktails and enjoy them while socializing with colleagues. This is a great way to bring the whole team together, without spending a fortune on a hotel or venue.

A lot of people struggle to find time for themselves during the holidays, so it’s important to take into consideration their availability when you’re planning a corporate indoor team building activity. If you can plan your party during normal work hours, it will be more convenient for everyone and won’t interfere with their personal life.