team building days ideas

Top 5 Team Building Days Ideas

Team building days are a great way to boost company morale and allow colleagues to get to know each other. They’re also a great idea if you have a remote team who might not be in the office together often.

One of the best icebreaker games is Guess Work. Employees are split into small teams and given a random object to guess.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are an excellent team building days idea because they involve everyone in the fun and excitement of a game. This is especially important when your team is working together remotely or on a tight schedule.

A scavenger hunt is an adventure-based game that tests the participants’ problem-solving skills. It also helps them develop their teamwork skills and encourages them to bond with their teammates.

This is one of the most popular team building days ideas and is a great way to bring a diverse group of people together. It can be played in a variety of ways depending on the needs and interests of the participants.

To make a scavenger hunt successful, you need to choose the right type of questions and clues for the participants. This can be anything from a series of riddles to a quiz game that involves questions about the team.

Another popular scavenger hunt option is a QR-Code scavenger hunt. This is an outdoor adventure that requires teams to solve a riddle together and find a QR-Code that leads them to another location.

Lastly, you can create a digital scavenger hunt, where the challenge involves finding listed items in their devices. These challenges are a great way to introduce tech items to participants that may not be familiar with them.

A good scavenger hunt app is a great way to structure and deploy challenges for your team, without the hassle of keeping track of everyone’s progress in real time. An app takes care of everything from automatically starting and stopping the scavenger hunt to sending live announcements to your employees so that everyone is kept up to date.

2. Brain Teaser

Brain Teasers are a fun way to get your team working together to solve puzzles. They also help build employee friendships and boost productivity. However, it is important to choose the right brain teaser for your team building days.

A good brain teaser will be perplexing and challenging, but not too difficult so that it doesn’t feel like work. It should also be fun and engaging for all to participate in.

The Stroop effect is an example of a brain teaser that requires your mind to process two conflicting pieces of information. It is important to be patient when solving this puzzle because it can take time to process all the pieces of information that are given to you.

Another great brain teaser is the Utilitarian Test, which teaches your employees to be flexible and open-minded while thinking about a problem. It also shows them how to deal with pressure and stress while trying to come up with a solution.

Using these brain teasers during interviews is a great way to see how candidates will think on their feet while solving a problem. It is not about seeing if they have the right answer, but how they will think in a high-stakes situation.

A brain teaser is also a good icebreaker during a team meeting or in a conference call. It will help your remote team get to know each other better and make them feel comfortable talking with one another. It can be a simple activity, or you can turn it into a fun teambuilding event by adding a few more elements to the game. For instance, you could have your remote team compete with each other to see which group can come up with the most inventive Rube Goldberg contraption.

3. Hack Day

Hack Day is a team building days idea that focuses on giving your employees time to work on projects they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to tackle. It gives them the chance to explore ideas they’ve been kicking around, processes they want to learn and skills they’re hoping to develop.

For us, it’s an excellent opportunity to focus on the big picture and give teams a break from all of the day-to-day hustle and bustle that they often experience at AppFolio. It also allows us to try out new technologies that we might not otherwise have the chance to work on in a regular environment.

We always have a wide variety of skill sets represented in our hack days, which helps create more effective and varied solutions to challenges. Whether it’s a project that requires a director of marketing to pair with a developer or a Daily Muse writer to team up with a software engineer, it makes the work more interesting and meaningful.

Another great thing about hack days is that they’re open to everyone, not just IT and design people. We’ve had developers, editors and writers come together for a day of coding and design, and it’s always been an amazing experience for all involved.

Besides being a fun and productive way to build teams, hack days can be an excellent opportunity to explore new technology and get your creative juices flowing. In fact, many companies have incorporated hack days into their workdays.

If you’re planning to host a hack day, it’s a good idea to make sure the space you choose has plenty of room for breakout sessions and group presentations. It also needs to have reliable wifi and be able to stay open late.

4. Lunch and Learn

If you are looking for a fun and engaging team building day idea, a lunch and learn session could be perfect. These are voluntary learning events that provide employees with food and a brief training or development session.

They can cover topics that range from company updates to broader professional development. Some companies even use lunch and learns as a way to build a better employee experience by giving workers a chance to socialize face-to-face in a break from their daily routine.

Another advantage of lunch and learns is the community they create in the workplace. Many employees feel alone at their desks, but a lunch and learn program can make your employees more familiar with each other’s responsibilities so that they can appreciate one another on a personal level.

It also helps to develop confidence among employees who want to become trainers or presenters. They may be intimidated about standing up in front of a group, but a lunch and learn program can give them a chance to get some practice before they step into the spotlight in a public setting.

In addition, lunch and learns can be a great way to encourage your employees to get involved in the community. They can volunteer to be a leader for the group or be on a panel that discusses an important topic.

Depending on the content and subject matter, a lunch and learn can be a one-time event or a series of monthly sessions. To keep the momentum going, consider how you will follow up with your attendees after the session is over.

To get the most out of your lunch and learn sessions, make sure you publicize them to as many employees as possible. This can include emailing them a reminder or posting a poster. You should also monitor attendance to ensure no one is left out.

5. Blindfold Game

The Blindfold Game is a great way to encourage teamwork and communication. Students are given a set of shapes with two pieces removed and they need to work out the shape and colour of each missing piece using their logical reasoning skills. This works well with groups of 6-12 and can be done in a short time.

Alternatively, you could also make it an interactive activity where the team have to take turns to try and assemble the missing parts into the correct shape and colour. This can be done with cardboard or paper circles, with magnets or tape on the backs of each part.

This is a great idea for older students and a good way to teach them how to work together in a group and how to trust each other. This game is a simple team building days idea that can be played outdoors or indoors, depending on the weather and space available.

A variation on this team building day idea is to create a minefield with cones, soda cans, or any other object that has weight or sound to it. This can be a great team building day activity that can be added to an escape room or used as a fun outdoor activity.

Another great team building days idea is to set up an obstacle course. This can be done indoors or outdoors and is a great way to boost collaboration and communication within the team.

To play, create an obstacle course and divide the group into teams of 2. In each team, one member is blindfolded. Once the game has started, the other members of each team will need to guide this member through the obstacle course. The first team to successfully guide their blindfolded colleague through the course wins.